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The second car made by Owner, Dennis Lawrence, the infamous "Left Shoe." This car was made a couple of years after the Hot Dog Car in hopes of claiming the 1st place trophy in a local church competition for "fathers". This car however was run on an official track with an electronic finish line system. The "Left Shoe" however only ran the track twice and was knocked out by a "non-aesthetic pleasing wedge." After that race, Dennis promised to make a car that was not a wedge, come in the top ten.

The first car ever made by Owner, Dennis Lawrence. The kit only came with a block of wood and wheels. Bolts were used as weight and nails for axles. It was made for fun and did see some racing time. The track though did not have a finish line system and thus the winner was determined by the human eye and placed on the floor. It ran a very close race but, according to the ref, the Hot Dog Car came in 2nd place in a championship game. Most of the fans however saw the car win by "the nose of the dog." 

Pine Wood Derby Cars