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Way back in 1998 when I was first licensed as a real estate licensee (agent), I had the dream and desire to eventually own my own real estate office. But as you may remember, around 2001, the great real estate boom began and it ended up continuing for another six years. It became so easy to just stay the course and continue where I was, putting my dreams on "hold" until a more "convenient" time came around.


During these past years, I had earned my Associate Broker's License (2001), Pennsylvania Residential Appraisal Certification/License (2007), FHA/HUD appraiser roster status, and lastly a Real Estate Instructors License. All of these things were accomplished towards the goal of our own "family" real estate brokerage firm.


The decision to open our own office was not made hastily or half-heartedly. My wife, children and I prayed at length about this decision, and only wanted to do it if it brought glory to God. We also wanted to create something that my whole family could be involved in (eventually). We discussed and prayed about many company name options, and had a few that we liked... somewhat. None however seemed to be "just-right".


One day after my wife returned from a run, she said she had a name... how about Narrow Gate Real Estate? It fit perfectly being that Matthew 7:13-14 has always been my favorite verse. 


On May 20, 2013 we registered the name, Narrow Gate Real Estate, as a limited liability company with Pennsylvania. We received formal approval from the State on May 23rd, and we were off and running.


We searched for the perfect location and amazingly, once the office space was found, everything else just fell into place... from acquiring the office furniture, signs and finally the State Real Estate Commission approval on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.


Our main office is located in the Quakertown area. However, given the ever changing nature of the real estate business, we have become 'portable'. This means that for the most part we come to you versus you coming to us! The days of agents sitting in the office doing 'floor time' are long since gone. We are now able to remotely access the various Multiple Listing Services (MLS), retrieve important data and public records, complete CMA's and market analysis, and even virtually view listings, all without leaving our personal home offices or even our car! Yes... my car has become more of a rolling office now with internet access, laptop, and other mobile devices.   


We hope that you will continue to trust us with all of your real estate needs. Whether it is buying or selling your home, appraisals, or just to ask a "silly" real estate question, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of our agents.